The QuickBooks™ Wall

Hitting the QuickBooks™ wall is enevitable as it is with any off-the-shelf software program
QuickBooks has definite limitations

Don't Let Off-the-Shelf Software Demolish Your Success

It is inevitable with any off-the-shelf software program the day you run smack into the 'wall'! Maybe it is a small change to a report you need, or maybe it is a major change in the way you need to track and manage your inventory.  Whatever it is, there comes a day when the limitations of your software sends you out into the great wide web in search of something better.  Like explorers of old, it can be a risky proposition.  You may strike gold or you may spend a great amount of time and resources and end up with nothing to show for it.

We've written about KARDIA | CST before; it's a new way of building business applications. Given that QuickBooks™ owns an estimated 80% share of the small business financial software market, it is no surprise that most of KARDIA's clients use QuickBooks.™  What surprises them is that they still use QuickBooks™ today, despite having hit that 'wall' many years ago.  What KARDIA and CST enabled them to do is keep the familiar and user-friendly QuickBooks™ system in place for the fundamental financial functions that it does so well, and then use KARDIA to handle all of the other specific business needs they have.