There's a Spreadsheet for That

Remember — streamlined, cohesive businesses only use a few streamlined, cohesive spreadsheets
Composing relevant spreadsheets

Does Your Polycarbonate Have to Have Its Own Spreadsheet?

Does your business system seem more like a bunch of loosely connected spreadsheets rather than a streamlined cohesive application?

It is hard to know who started it, but as smartphones became pervasive, and apps for smartphones became all the rage, somebody coined the term 'there's an app for that.'  With apps, you could turn your smartphones into a GPS navigation system, a trivia game console, a flashlight and myriad other things.

So, the 'app-world' borrowed the concept and now everyday we all see this phrase in our travels.  Need to track custom pricing for specific customers?  No problem, there's a spreadsheet for that.  Need to maintain a vendor fee schedule?  There's a spreadsheet for that.  Tracking commissions for your broker?  There's a spreadsheet for that.

A spreadsheet is a great tool and here at KARDIA we use them, too.  (NFL Fantasy draft rankings is one mission-critical spreadsheet office people everywhere keep front-and-center.)  But, not every solution is a nail for which a spreadsheet is the hammer.
There is a better way!