Custom Inventory

Force-fitting your custom inventory to an off-the-shelf program is something that rarely, if ever, works.
Custom inventory

Be Careful Which Partners You Invite to Dance With Each Other

Force-fitting your specific inventory requirements into an off-the-shelf program does not work very well.  Long lead times? Short expiration dates?  Lot traceability?  ROI calculations? Multi-location?  Barcodes?  Order recommendations?  Our technology allows flexible and detailed logic to be implemented and used to handle your inventory needs—because no two companies do things the same way.  From simple min/max to sophisticated demand analysis and forecasting, KARDIA delivers powerful capability at a fraction of the cost that
big companies pay.

The screenshot below shows a projected on-hand inventory by item, for a specific customer. This color-coded chart allows interaction and 'what if' capacities that are critical in their planning of what products to replenish, and when.

Custom inventory