Order Entry — Minimal Keystrokes

Here's where KARDIA brings simplicity and efficiency you never realized could be created
Order entry — Minimal keystrokes

When It Comes to Keystrokes and Mouse Clicks, Less Is More

Order Entry — it is not sexy but it is where the rubber meets the road for most businesses.
If your process for entering line items adds keystrokes or mouse clicks, or requires a week of expensive training for people to learn how to navigate, then remember how able KARDIA is to bring some simplicity and efficiency.  With KARDIA, what field to enter, the logic of movement from one field to the next, keying default values based on prior entries and more, all combine to make order entry as quick and as easy as possible.  No two businesses have the exact same requirements and with KARDIA's CST technology, you can have configurable solutions done so that things are done your way.