Information About 'Cookies'

Last Modified— 4 February 2019

Everything You Need to Know

1. What Is a 'Cookie'?

A 'cookie' is either a small text file that is stored and archived on a computer's hard drive, or some recorded information that is stored in a computer's memory until that computer's Internet browser is closed and exited.  The information that KARDIA | CST Websites store in the form of a 'cookie' enables account, client and customer interactions to be personalized, protected or properly limited in scope and access.  Use of 'cookies' also allows KARDIA | CST to better track usage of its Websites.

'Cookies' are not able to read other areas of an individual computer's hard drive.  What a 'cookie' contains is static data placed in a very specific location within an operating system directory.  'Cookies' do not have dynamic functionality in-and-of themselves.  'Cookies' are simply stored data like a book contains stored data in a library.  A book does not do anything until it is read, but it is there to be read when necessary.  'Cookies' are exactly the same thing to a computer; they are there to be read when necessary.

'Cookies' containing information can only be recorded and read by Web Pages and Domain Servers that have been programmed to write and store 'cookies'.  Web pages that write and read 'cookies' can only read and write 'cookies' for one individual type of browser.  In addition, any 'cookie' that is stored on any given individual computer can only be accessed when that computer's Internet browser is logged onto the same Domain Server as the Web page that originally wrote the 'cookie' file(s).  KARDIA | CST Websites are able to share the same 'cookies' because each of these sites and the Web pages that write the 'cookies' all reside on one server or family of servers that have a single, common name (  In this way, as an account, client or consumer follows links throughout any of
KARDIA | CST's Websites, that information which that was recorded and stored in 'cookies' only has to be entered once.

2. The Purpose of 'Cookies'

Some KARDIA | CST Websites, or areas within them, require clients to register, select options or login.  These choices allow KARDIA | CST to direct its clients to Web page information and hyperlinks that best suit specific needs or a range of focused interests.  Through the use of a 'cookie', KARDIA | CST can instantly read preferences and customize the delivery of a Website's information in a way that allows it to be presented quickly and efficiently, whenever a specific link is clicked.

'Cookies' also allow Usernames and Passwords to be stored so that on subsequent visits a Website's client accounts do not have the chore of repeatedly filling-out this login Username/ User Password information.

3. 'Cookies' and Statistics

Certain 'statistics cookies' written by KARDIA | CST Websites will be meant to gather information about how KARDIA | CST's sites and the areas in them are used.  KARDIA | CST 'statistics cookies' are not able to determine your name or any other personal information.  They do, however, record on-site user activity which, in turn, allows KARDIA | CST to know things like which sections of its Sites are most popular, which navigation routes on-site users prefer to take, etc.  This information, together with other information from clients accounts, helps KARDIA | CST tailor its Sites to best deliver its configuration, integration and project completion customer services and delivery of customer support resources.

KARDIA | CST works hard to recognize users' privacy on its Websites.  'Cookies' and KARDIA | CST's use of them, are regulated by multiple internal procedures and controls.  Please feel free to limit or disable the use of 'cookies' on your browser, either entirely or on a site-by-site basis.  Instructions for the most popular Internet browsers are below.  KARDIA | CST reminds everyone that making changes to the settings Internet browsers use to handle 'cookies' may cause KARDIA | CST Websites to function improperly, or to not function at all.

4. 'Controlling 'Cookies'

Please refer to the Help Menu on each browser product (Chrome, Firefox, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) for information about the location of settings for 'cookies' and how to go about accomplishing what you are specifically looking to do.

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